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For information on Fort Carson real estate, Schriever Air Force Base, Air Force Academy, or Peterson Air Force Base let us give you a quick overview of the histories of these great installations.

The military has maintained a major presence in Colorado Springs since the 1940s and has long been one of the cornerstones in the economy of Pikes Peak Country.
The military's economic contribution to the area is obvious with over 48,000 "employees" generating over $2 billion in payroll. Operating and construction expenditures exceed $500 million annually. Over one-third of the families in Colorado Springs are military families based at Fort Carson, Schriever, Peterson, Air Force Academy and Norad. 
US Air Force Academy - USAFA

Air Force Academy -
While many cities in the United States have military bases within their boundaries, the presence of the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs is a unique attribute. The Academy is the training ground for tomorrow's Air Force leaders. A scenic 18,000 acres are set aside for the training grounds and facilities for what has become a combination university and boot camp. Each year, nearly 10,000 men and women seek the 1,000 entering freshman slots. Currently, 3,951 cadets are schooled at the Academy.
The AF Move website  provides Base directory by state, brochures, and  moving tips.

Fort Carson
One of the Army's youngest installations, Fort Carson Army Post sits on 137,000 acres just south of Colorado Springs. Named after the famous frontiersman, Kit Carson, the fort was established in 1942 three weeks after Pearl Harbor. Over the years, Fort Carson has grown to a military population of over 17,000 soldiers and is served by over 3,400 civilian employees. The post has been home to nine different infantry divisions since its creation in 1942.


The North American Air Defense Command is located beneath Cheyenne Mountain southwest of Colorado Springs. The complex inside the mountain consists of 15 steel buildings constructed in tunnels and chambers cut into the rock. Traditionally, NORAD has been poised to use high-tech radar to provide early warning of aircraft, missiles or space vehicles posing threat to the United States or Canada. With the diminished threat of nuclear attack because of the end of the Cold War, NORAD is among area military facilities seeking new applications for its technologies.
Peterson AFB -
Peterson Air Force Base was originally known as "Pete Field" when it was a fighter training post and a civilian airport before and during World War II. Today, it is a vital link in the national security chain surrounding the United States and our North American neighbors. Peterson Air Force Base is the home of the U.S. Space Command and a number of agencies of the military.

Shriever AFB
Schriever Air Force Base is home to the 50th Space Wing. Its mission is to provide command and control for Department of Defense military satellites and manage the Air Force Satellite Control Network. The wing operates satellite operations centers at Schriever AFB, remote tracking stations and other control facilities around the world. Schriever's major tenants are the Space Warfare Center, the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization's National Test Facility and the 310th Space Group.
The AF Move website  provides Base directory by state, brochures, and moving tips.

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